Coilmaster 301 Installation & Operation Instructions

The Coilmaster 301

The Coilmaster 301 Payout Reel is designed to be an efficient and time saving aid to the Lineman for installing outdoor electrical lines as well as indoor line installation. A tension brake prevents the reel from coasting and eliminates backlash or unraveling of the wire from the spool. This keeps the wire neat so it isn't getting tangled with its surroundings or other lines.

It is versatile and can be staked to the ground in a vertical position by staking through the hole provided in the permanent base or by using the new portable base to chain or otherwise secure the reel to any convenient anchor. Line poles and building columns are typical anchors.

With the new portable base it is now possible to stake the reel to the ground in a horizontal position giving the entire assembly a very stable center of gravity.

The base also provides a convenient mount to secure or hang the reel to the side of a service truck tool cabinet or to bolt it to the floor in a horizontal plane.

sideview coilmasterThe greatest news is that the new portable base is very easy to adapt to your existing Coilmaster Reels. Simply drill a single hole in the hub of the reel for bolting the portable base to. Refer to the following photograph. Order your portable bases for updating today!


When mounting your reel be sure that the supporting structure is strong enough to carry the weight. As an example, 0100 ft of 1-0 ACSR Neoprene covered wire will weigh nearly 200 lbs.

Requires miniumum mounting space on utility trucks or trailers.

coilmasterThe portable base has two mounting holes in it which allows it to be installed in two different posiitons.

Drill hole 7/16 to 1/2 in diameter. Locate 1" from edge of hub and halfway between set bolt in brake and weld line on leg as shown.

Insert portable base hub into reel hub. Align proper hole and thread in bolt.
(required on existing units prior to 1987 only)